TEAS' TEA Tea Master Promotion

With the objective to convince natural retailers, including Whole Foods and Asian grocers, to provide feature/display activity from Memorial Day through Labor Day, we helped ITO EN’s TEAS’ TEA create an integrated promotional strategy to drive purchases of their ready-to-drink tea among core H&W shoppers and mid-level dabblers.
ITO EN (North America) Inc. was founded with the mission of introducing their line of green tea products and establishing a culture and interest in authentic green tea in the U.S., so we believed subtly showcasing the brand’s Japanese heritage and authenticity would resonate with current consumers and competitive switchers.
Building on the cultural game show popularity trend in the U.S. and Japan, we gamified TEAS’ TEA educational content and enticed players to accumulate points via a branded Tea Master-themed Facebook App to win tempting prizes.
The TEAS’ TEA Tea Master Facebook game consisted of 100 Tea Master questions. Game players received points by answering tea facts and trivia and became an ultimate Tea Master as they progressed through the three game levels. Daily prizes and sweepstakes entries were awarded to players when they answered multiple-choice question—three factual and one ridiculously quirky.
Our retail and social marketing strategy paid off. Display activity was secured and 20% of players felt the content and experience was compelling enough to play at least 10 times to become an ultimate Tea Master, answering at least 30 questions correctly. This created sustained promotion engagement, generating over 6,500 Tea Masters sharing brand knowledge within their communities.
The peer-to-peer competition aspect of the game also encouraged repeat game play, and 72% of players were returning players. We achieved 95% of our total unique promotion entry goal, and the Facebook ad campaign came close to reaching our aggressive Facebook “Like” goal.

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